Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jacqui to cut crime with £250,000

Yes the BBC news reports that Jacqui Smith having consulted some behavioural experts is setting aside a whole £250,000 to tackle youth crime.
I presume after the jobsworths who will run this project get their cut of the pie there will be enough left to buy a packet of gold stars for the good boys and girls....

"Ms Smith, speaking in Westminster to an audience of professionals who deal with anti-social behaviour, announced £250,000 to fund an "action squad" which will encourage areas to better use such measures. "

You are having a laugh aren't you Jacqui?

The article goes on to talk about other sch measures as harassing teenagers who cause trouble to make sure they aren't claiming benefit fraud, have paid for the TV license on their plasma screen TV, have insured their car, paid their council tax....

Hang on, but they are TEENAGERS what the hell is the chance that a 14 year old kid is going to be paying half the taxes above? Shouldn't they be at school.

I'll leave you to read the rest of this half witted approach by Labour. The only benefit in the article seems to be that reported by Essex police, who actually seem to be doing some policing. Wow that's a novel idea!

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